Busy Day

Steve reporting:

We’re already taking advantage of my parents’ recent move.  Today we had two birthday parties, one for Tomas’ schoolmate and another for Paco’s, along with a soccer game.  Tommy’s party conflicted with Paco’s soccer game, so my dad was able to take Paco to his soccer game while I took Tomas to the party then met them at the game afterward.  Paco played goalie for three of four quarters and was a joy to watch… always seeming to be in the right place to block the ball.  His team won their first game as well.

The entire afternoon was spent by my parents unpacking in their new home.  Erin, the boys, and I met them for dinner at a little Mexican restaurant around the corner from their new place in Woodland. 

Erin seems really tired and spent most of the day resting while I ran around with the boys.  However, she was able to bake a batch of brownies this afternoon… not the easiest task with only one good arm!  On our way to meet my parents for dinner we ran into our landlord and his wife, whom Erin hadn’t seen in at least a year. Of course, a solid 15 minute conversation ensued.  Erin appears to be back.  She continues to have difficulty putting her thoughts into words but just a couple of months ago she wouldn’t have been able to speak as well as she did today.  She continues to amaze.

One thought on “Busy Day

  1. Outlaw Anne October 7, 2012 at 17:54 Reply

    Great job on the brownies Erin. So happy Hoots and Mike are finally in California. Hope you can come down for a visit soon. Miss you all!

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