Steve’s folks Moving to California

As I write this, Steve is at the airport meeting his folks, Mike and Judy, who are moving to California after living in Michigan for more than 45 years.  They will live in Woodland which is a small town less than 10 freeway miles north of Davis. This will be nice for Steve to have them close during these difficult times.

Shannon took Erin to get an elbow splint at a medical supply store today. The splint seemed to help the ulnar nerve pain almost instantly, but after wearing the splint for 6 or 7 hours, it began to itch and Erin asked me to remove it.

Cindy came about 6:30 to take Erin to Davis for the next few days.  Cindy said that she and Erin had a Spanish lesson last Thursday with a woman visiting in Davis who is from Spain. It was conversation, and Erin did well. They are going to have another Spanish conversation tomorrow. Erin is fortunate to have such wonderful friends as Shannon and Cindy.

At Kaiser yesterday as we were leaving the internist’s office, Erin was propelling herself backward down the hall and a friendly nurse held the door open as Erin exited to the lobby.  She warned Erin to not go backward through the clinic’s double doors because there is a lip and people have gone over backwards. As she was talking I recognized her as the wound nurse who last March had treated Erin for abrasions that turned out to be staph infections. i told her that after 8 months, Erin had gone off of hospice.  The nurse said she had goose bumps from head to toe.

Welcome to California, Mike and Judy.


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