4 1/2 Hours at Kaiser

Erin and I had a tiring, but very productive day at Kaiser, Point West. She had an optometry appt with Dr. Fong, who uncharacterisically ran late. He pushed her to an exam room away from his usual office exam room, apparently because it had equipment which would allow him to examine Erin while she remained in the wheelchair. Someone was unexpectedly occupying the room temporarily, so while we were waiting in the hallway, I asked Dr. Fong if he could check my new glasses later because I had been having trouble reading with them some days.  He went back to his office to check them and I waited nearby, and when we came back to the new exam room, Erin had already wheeled herself in and had transferred to the exam chair making the relocation unnecessary!

He said that the glasses she wears all the time are fine for computer work. But, her distance vision needs no correction except for a prism correction which she has needed for years. So the current glasses are too strong for distance. She ended up getting new progressive lenses with the prism correction and a slight correction for reading. Dr. Fong said for me to stop by in an hour or so after Erin’s next appt and he would try to see me then.

We then went to an appt with an inerntist, Dr. Michael Sheen. Erin had been having tingling and pain in her left arm. She thought that she had carpel tunnel syndrome. She booked the appt on line all by herself last night. I expected Michael Sheen to be Irish. He was Chinese!  … a charming man.  He diagnosed Erin’s problem as ulnar neuropathy. She has pain from the pinkie finger to the elbow along the ulnar nerve in her good arm. He advised her to avoid bending  the arm and not to rest it on the arm pad of the wheelchair.  She is going to have physical therapy next week and is going to buy an elbow pad at a sport store tomorrow. Dr. Sheen also prescribed 2 medications which Erin wanted.

I then went back to Dr. Fong and Erin headed to the optical sales. I rejoined her where she had a charming older Indian or Persian man, Siroos, waiting on her. We got new lenses ordered for some designer frame glasses she had bought a year ago, but never used because they were much too strong… her eyes changed radically soon after buying them.

We then headed to the pharmacy, but noticed that the line for a flu shot was moving very quickly. So, we got our flu shots. We went to the pharmacy and one of the prescriptions which required a fax was not ready even though Dr. Sheen had said 1 hour before that he would fax it right away. So, we went to the cafe which neither of us knew existed even though we have been going to that facility since it opened, probably 20 years ago.  We split a sandwich and our way out, ran into Siroos, who said he also was headed to the pharmacy and insisted on pushing Erin to it. We had a short wait for the prescription and then headed home.


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