Off to Davis

For the 3rd week in a row, Erin has gone to Davis.  Cindy picked her up about 6:15 this evening, and will bring Erin back Monday morning about 9 am. Erin took off with 2 wheelchairs and 2 bags of Trader Joe’s groceries, which she had purchased this morning with Shannon.

This morning Shannon came and took Erin to run errands and have lunch.  Erin came home exhuasted, and too tired to talk to Barbara, the volunteer, who was on the phone. Barbara was home from her 4 week bicycle tour of France. Barbara had heard that Erin had gone off of hospice. But, Barbara considers herself a friend and neighbor, so she is planning to stop buy and take Erin around the block next week.

Barbara uttered the same words as Dr. Adams: enjoy each day and don’t plan too far ahead.


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