“Don’t Let a Day go by that You Don’t Make the Most of”

Erin saw Dr. Adams, her oncologist, this afternoon for the first time since July 31st. He had been out for 4 weeks with an injured knee and is still in a boot type cast and has to keep his leg elevated. So, we met in his office rather than an exam room.

He thought Erin looked the same, but said that he cannot predict what will happen.  Uncertainty is difficult to deal with and we just have to deal with it day by day. He warned not to make long term plans.

She can get a flu shot, but people with a cold or flu should not visit her. She had lost 5 pounds in the 8 weeks since she had seen him.

Steve arrived for the last 5 minutes of the appt. (Dr. Adams always runs about 20 minutes early.) Steve asked about an MRI. Dr. Adams didn’t recommend having one. At this stage, it doesn’t tell you anything. He said he visits Erin for social purposes. She is post-modern medicine. Chemotherapy failed, and now she is “post-scientific”, or as they say in med school, “post-modern”.  It is back to old-fashioned pre-chemo day medicine.

He warned: “Dont’ let a day go by that you don’t make the most of.”


2 thoughts on ““Don’t Let a Day go by that You Don’t Make the Most of”

  1. Barb Chase September 25, 2012 at 22:24 Reply

    Your doctor seems like quite a guy. He wants to socialize with Erin. To me it sounds like you take his advice: take one day at a time and make the most of it.
    And he tells the truth instead of predictions. Uncertainty is hard to live with.I appreciate hearing about Erin’s doctor’s visit.

  2. Kristen Pickus September 26, 2012 at 06:44 Reply

    A good reminder to us all!

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