Fighting 2

There are at  lost. I was supposed to dead. It was like be. When SF and tested for then. That OK. I notice on phones, a hello, with a quiet straght.

Steve’s fried expleaned it. I cannot what he said but he said to “You we dying. Now you are lives. If we are still at the death.”

Steve here.  What Erin is trying to say is that my friend was in town last night… I’ve known him since our sophomore year at Michigan.  She was asking why the boys and everyone are acting strangely around here… there just seems to be a lot of tension.

I didn’t hear the conversation, but apparently he told her something to the effect of “everyone had sort of come to terms with the idea that you were dying and now they have to adjust to the fact that you are doing better. ”  The mourning process has been going on for many of us for a long time and while we’re happy Erin is doing so well it is difficult to know whether to be optimistic at the risk of being overly so.

She is doing amazingly well.  A few months ago it appeared clear that her disease was progressing but now she’s doing better than she has in 8 months.

Three months ago she could barely stay awake 4 hours per day.  Now she’s barely even napping and some days, not at all.  She couldn’t even move her right leg last winter and now she’s able to slowly walk around with the help of a cane or holding onto furniture.  She could barely get out a few words… now she has long coherent conversations.  She drove a car today for the first time in well over a year.

She still can’t seem to communicate in writing well and hunts for words but she called and ordered dinner delivery tonight on her own and has long conversations with friends and family.

This has been an emotional roller coaster for her family and especially Paco.  Somehow my friend explained this to Erin succinctly in a way that really affected her… I wish I knew exactly what he said.

One thought on “Fighting 2

  1. Scott Holloway September 24, 2012 at 11:59 Reply

    Hi guys-

    I hope your friends comments didn’t offend Erin. I’m sure that it has been a big adjustment for your family to see her rebound so well, when everything had been pointing the other way. Her stability is such a gift at this point, a reason for great celebration. As a fellow brain tumor patient, I’m so happy things are going well right now. I had also been wondering how Paco had been dealing with all of this, since hearing how he didn’t want to return to Camp Kesem. I think that under the circumstances, your family is very fortunate to have a great support system of family and friends.

    Scott in Indiana

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