Significance of Being off of Hospice

One of my friends asked what the significance of being off of hospice is.  Basically, it means that the doctor in charge of hospice thinks that Erin will live for more than 6 months. Denise, the RN, said that at the hospice staff meeting a week ago Tuesday, they said that Erin was not progressing – meaning she is not getting significantly worse. The consequence of being off of hospice is that there will no longer be nurses, social worker, or bath givers coming to the house. Apria will pick up the wheelchair, hospital bed, and overbed table that were delivered when Erin went on hospice in January. She has 2 light weight wheelchairs of her own, and she doesn’t like the hospital bed, so those won’t be missed.

Drugs and office visits were free while on hospice, so now she will have to make a co-pay. If she starts getting worse, she can go back on hospice. It will be interesting to hear what Dr. Adams thinks when she sees him next week for the first time in 2 months. He has been away from the office because of a knee injury.

Shannon’s children are back in school now, so she was able to return to her Wed. routine of picking up Erin a little after 10 am, running errands, and then meeting Cindy and Vivian for lunch at Zinfandel Grille in Gold River near where Cindy works. Erin got home about 2, very tired, but after a nap, got up and did her own laundry and packed her suitcase for Davis. Cindy picked her up a little after 6 pm on her way home from work. The plan is that Cindy wil bring Erin back to Sacramento Monday morning on her way to work.


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