Erin back in Sacramento

Mišelka brought Erin back to Sacramento about 10 o’clock this morning. Erin was exhausted after doing some cleaning up in the garage in Davis. She rallied for a bath at 11 when Abby came. But, when Denise, the RN came at 1 pm, Erin was sleeping so soundly, that Denise decided not to wake Erin up.

Mišelka had a wonderful time at Burning Man, in the desert about an hour east of Reno. The temperatures were 110 and hotter. She loved all the art, but, she said next time if she returns to the US, she would go in an RV. They had no baths for the 4 days they were there.

In the late afternonoon Clark, Erin, and I went down to Vacaville to meet my brother Jim, sister Joan and her husband Ralph, sister-in-law Pat, who all live in the Bay Area, and my sister Patricia who is out from Denver.  We had a sib dinner at Fenton’s ice creamery.  Then Patricia came back to Sacramento to stay with us for a week.


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