Davis Update

Steve posting today

Erin arrived last night with Tommy and her friend Cindy who had brought them from Barbara’s house on her way home from work.  About an hour later, Tommy’s favorite former preschool teacher, Megan, arrived.  I had arranged with her to babysit while I went to a work function.  Erin’s attendance was unexpected but it was a serendipitous occurrence as Erin and Megan hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year and they bonded. I had left, but Erin says that she was speaking more easily last night with Megan than she had in many months.

I arrived home after Erin and the boys were asleep… Megan was also napping on the futon in the living room.  Erin was on our bed completely smothered in small boys, two human and two kittens.  There wasn’t room for me, so I slept on Paco’s bed.

This morning, Erin woke up and started attacking the house.  She had been wanting to clear out a bunch of her thing that I hadn’t been throwing awaw… Papers, books, old beauty products, etc.  She has not been at it for hours and still seems to have more energy than I do.

We also had a Skype video call with a great au pair candidate in Colombia named Raquel.  Paco, Tommy, Erin and I crowded around the computer and Paco had a nice conversation with Raquel in Spanish.  She really liked the kids and we agreed that she would come and work for us in October to replace (if anyone ever could) Miselka, who will be returning home to the Czech Republic.

One thought on “Davis Update

  1. momhoodi September 1, 2012 at 18:30 Reply

    Wow!wow!wow! This is full of wonderful and positive news!
    I can attest to Erin’s talking abilities: she called me last night and we had a great chat. She told me that Megan was babysitting, but could not explain who she was…. A minor unimportant detail, especially considering that she laughed heartily about a mutual exchange of information about a password. (Incredible remembering that a few months ago she could not log on because she could not remember those same passwords!).
    I would be willing to pay to have been a witness to the exchange in Spanish between Paco and Raquel! I hope I can do that on a daily basis once she is in Davis. I also feel that it will be really good for Paco to be able to communicate with her directly.
    Great entry Steven! Thank you!

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