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Fortune Cookies

Denise, the Hospice RN, came this afternoon. While she was here Barbara, the volunteer, rang the doorbell. She was on her way to the pool and brought a bag of irregular fortune cookies which she had picked up at a Chinese store at 10th and R. Denise was anxious to meet Barbara because we have raved about Barbara so much. Denise has talked about Barbara at hospice meetings.

Erin went to bed by 10:30 tonight.


Erin back in Sacramento – Aug. 27, 2012

Mišelka and Tommy brought Erin back to Sacramento this afternoon. On the way they stopped for Erin to get a haircut.

She seems very perky.


Erin still in Davis

This morning Erin and family went to a baby shower for her friend Vivian. It was held at a park in Davis. About 15 adults and an equal number of children attended.

Erin didn’t feel well most of the day, but got cheered up tonight when her cousin Dave from Portland visited. He drove up from the Bay Area where he is visiting family.

Erin plans to return to Sacramento tomorrow.


A day in Davis

Steve reporting today.

It was a busy day today. Following Paco’s first soccer game of the season Clark dropped Erin off at our house in Davis. Erin decided she wanted to throw things away and attacked her files and storage containers with a vengeance.

I took the boys to the park while Erin kept working at home (with Miselka in the other room). Erin’s physical condition is substantially improved compared to a few months ago. She had been sleeping most of the days before but today has been up since 9 this morning and at 10 still shows no sign of fatigue (I can’t say the same about myself). She is comfortably walking three or four steps now without the wheelchair and in the past could barely stand. Her speaking ability is still compromised but hasn’t worsened. Once again, she amazes.

Tomás is very happy to have her home and Paco curled up next to her on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Tomorrow we have an early soccer practice for Paco followed by a baby shower for an old friend here in Davis. We think Erin may be up for staying a second night.

Paco at soccer Aug 25, 2012

Steve just sent this at 9:30 am. Paco is playing in his
first soccer game of the season. This is the first year
where they are using goalies for his age bracket. Paco
stopped 3 attempts at goal during the first quarter.


Tommy in Santa Barbara Aug 11, 2012

Steve’s host in Santa Barbara just sent this photo of Tommy.
Am I prejudiced, or is this an angel?

Erin felt yucky all day, not really in pain, but yucky. She has
turned off her light at 10 pm.


3 Hospice Helpers

Erin said to report on the 3 fantastic hospice workers who were here today. Erin wanted the bath today instead of tomorrow and Lisa, the bath giver, willingly came today.  Lisa and Clark got Erin’s bed back together … Erin had had Barbara remove the rails last week, but then the mattress slid around.

Then this afternoon Denise, the RN, came. She is such a positive person.  She had been in LA helping out her 88 year old mother for several days, so we hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks.

Tonight Barbara, the volunnteer, came. Erin was napping when she got here, so when Erin woke up, Barbara fixed Erin a sandwich, then took her for a ride around the block. Then Barbara did laundry and sorted a load I had had in the dryer. Barbara is going on a bicycle trip to France, so she will be gone for 4 weeks.  We will definitely miss her.