3 Hospice Helpers

Erin said to report on the 3 fantastic hospice workers who were here today. Erin wanted the bath today instead of tomorrow and Lisa, the bath giver, willingly came today.  Lisa and Clark got Erin’s bed back together … Erin had had Barbara remove the rails last week, but then the mattress slid around.

Then this afternoon Denise, the RN, came. She is such a positive person.  She had been in LA helping out her 88 year old mother for several days, so we hadn’t seen her in 2 weeks.

Tonight Barbara, the volunnteer, came. Erin was napping when she got here, so when Erin woke up, Barbara fixed Erin a sandwich, then took her for a ride around the block. Then Barbara did laundry and sorted a load I had had in the dryer. Barbara is going on a bicycle trip to France, so she will be gone for 4 weeks.  We will definitely miss her.


One thought on “3 Hospice Helpers

  1. Barb Chase August 24, 2012 at 06:49 Reply

    It’s good to read about the positive people in your life. Nice that Barbara can take a bike trip in France. She can come back and share with Erin all that she experienced.
    The picture of Beck at the birthday party was very cute.

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