Visit from “Bea”

Erin’s fellow GBMer, Bea, from the SF peninsula was due to arrive this morning about 10:30.  We were afraid that this was going to conflict with the bath which usually is around 11. So, I was quite happy when Evelyn, the bath giver, called at 8:30 and said that today she was coming at 9. She was just finishing up about 10:15 when Donna, the RN who superivises all of the hospice workers, showed up to evaluate Evelyn.  Evelyn left and Donna talked to Erin, I guess to make sure Evelyn was following protocol.

Before Donna left, Bea arrived.  She is going strong. She was diagnosed 3 months after Erin, but has had no recurrence since the initial surgery.  I guess she has to make more notes to herself to remember things, but I was not aware of any deficits. Erin and Bea went for lunch and to Target. About 2 pm Bea dropped Erin at Colleen’s where she napped in a chair downstairs for about 3 hours while Colleen worked upstairs.  Colleen brought her home about 5, and then Erin napped another 3 hours.

Erin does have pain all over, especially in the back of her neck and her legs. Donna said to take meds to keep it under control.


One thought on “Visit from “Bea”

  1. Barb Chase August 17, 2012 at 21:21 Reply

    How very nice that her friend Bea visited and shopped with Erin. It sounds like it tired Erin. But I hope the visit took Erin’s mind off her pain. Friendships are so precious.
    We had our hottest day of the year (92′) but it will cool down tomorrow to the 70s so they say. It was a good day for our house painter to power wash our house before painting. He is painting the back of our house and the hall area inside. We are in an upkeep mode now that our house is over 10 years old. The 27th through 30th we will be having our hardwood floors refinished. We will spend one day on Whidbey Island which is a 20 minute ferry ride from Mukilteo, the city just north of us. Then we will stay two days at Jeanne and Bob’s place. The 30th we have to open up the house and ventilate it. The floor in the kitchen has had a lot of wear and tear.

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