I visited Erin today

I visited Erin today

Field Reporter- Erin’s brother Brandon/Brandy here:

I visited Erin today. She was sitting up, wide awake, picking through her lunch. She seemed in good spirits. We chatted for about 20 minutes then she got tired. The place is pretty nice given its purpose (and they have wi-fi for Erin’s various electronics- iPhone, iPad, 2 iPod Shuffles). I was dreading the smell of such a place given my prior experience (with my grandmother, Bombi/Jane), but this one was clean and not too bad (not that I can smell much anymore). If you happen to stop by, I agree with Mom and park in the back, go through the door like you know what you are doing and Erin’s room is a few doors down, past the employee break rooms on the right. Though the place is nice there are lot of people way worse off than Erin so you can avoid some sadness that comes with seeing such things, if so inclined, by not having to go past all the rooms in the front.

I am hoping to stop by on Thursday afternoon as well. Mom, if you happen to read this, the nurse said to make sure to get a doctor’s note for visitors who want to take Erin out to lunch, leave the facility, etc. I am following up with them this afternoon (they said they will request the authorization from the doctor) to make sure she is good to go for Geraldine’s visit tomorrow.

Picture of Erin today. Love, BW

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