Erin in Respite Care

Erin is at Mission-Carmichael Health Care Center for 4 days of respite care. We left her there this afternoon and will pick her up Friday afternoon. Denise, the Hospice Nurse, met us there and processed the admission. Erin’s 2 roommates were elderly women who were very amenable to moving their wheelchairs so that Erin could get around in hers. Erin has the far bed near the window and also the TV is on the wall immediately at the foot of her bed. The other women said that they were not interested in TV, so I think she will have control of it.

We leave in the morning for 3 days of Bridge Camp in Tiburon in Marin Co. Clark gave it to me for my birthday last year and we enjoyed the setting and the bridge. Clark really wanted to go back this year, but didn’t think it would be possible until we found out about the hospice respite program.

Mission-Carmichael Health Care Center  

3630 Mission Av      Bed 25C



Mission Ave is the dividing line between Sacramento and Carmichael. The Health Care Center is on Mission between Whitney and Engle on the  right side as you go north on Mission. There is lots of parking in the back. If you go in the back door, I think Room 25 is the first room on the right after you pass some employee rooms.

Erin’s friend Geraldine from England happens to be visiting her brother in LA this week. Both are flying up Wed. and Steve will pick them up. They will take Erin out from about 11 to 3.  Actually, Erin is looking forward to getting lots of sleep.

Erin has her iPhone with her: 916-716-8000.


One thought on “Erin in Respite Care

  1. Barb Chase August 6, 2012 at 21:08 Reply

    It is so good that you have the respite care. Three days of bridge in Tiburon sounds wonderful. And then having her friend from England come is a bonus.
    I am sure Erin will make the best of it.
    Have a great time in Tiburon!
    The muralist is back for two days to do some final touches. It is not easy to do a mural. It’s getting dark at 9:07 so she should be back soon. Dave and Coleen and kids were here yesterday and left this morning so the bedrom on our middle level is getting lots of use.
    Ellen is here so I’ll sign off.

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