Evelyn and Erin Aug 5, 2012

Today Steve dropped the boys off a little before 9 am. Steve was headed to a

Mercedes rally and persuaded Clark to go with him. They drove to Auburn

where they met the other participants. From Auburn with the top down on the

Mercedes, they took back roads to Donner Lake. Most of the roads Clark had

never been on before and the views were beautiful. After lunch at Donner

Lake, they came home via Hwy 80 (with top up).

Paco and I played a couple of rounds of bridge, mini-bridge style. He and Tommy both
entertained themselves well. I made crepes which they requested and couldn’t figure
out why they were so watery. I had put in a quart of liquid instead of a cup!

Erin is pictured with Evelyn, the singing weekend bath giver.

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