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Off to Davis

Erin’s friend, Cindy, lives in Davis and works in Gold River, east of here.  So, she picked up Erin and Tommy after work today and drove them back to Davis, where Erin plans to spend the weekend.

Erin was propelling herself through the garage and got too close to the right where she can’t see and ran into a hinge of the springs supporting the garage door. She has a welt on her forehead and a scratch under her right eye. She is lucky she didn’t injure her eye. That’s really the first time she has hurt herself due to losing her right field of vision almost a year ago.


No nap for Clark Aug 31, 2012

Tommy made sure that Clark didn’t fall asleep at around noon today
Erin photographed the event and sent the photo entitled “Sweetness”
including writing the message herself.

At 12:30 am last night, my bedroom door which was ajar, suddenly

slammed closed. I thought it was due to the wonderful breeze. But,
then the kitchen light went on. We looked through our patio door
across to the kitchen and saw a chair being moved to the refrigerator.
Then we saw Tommy’s head. He had climbed on the chair, and was
investigating the fridge. I thought maybe Erin was with him, but
I checked her room and she was there.

So, Clark helped Tommy make half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.,
and I gave him a glass of milk. Tommy had pulled my bedroom door
closed. He went back to bed watching his iPad and eventually fell asleep.

We thought that would mean he would sleep late, but before 9, we got
a call from Evelyn, the bath giver, that she was coming at 9:15 am.
So, that was the end of sleeping in. I know for most of you, 8:30 am
is already sleeping in.

Shannon and 6-year old Mateo came over bringing Erin lunch
from Rubio’s. I went to run an errand, and when I came home,
I saw a “train” of Tommy, Mateo, and Shan leaving the park
across the street.. Erin was exhausted both before and after
Shannon’s visit, but is now (3:30 pm) up doing laundry.

Tommy has fallen asleep in front of the door to the patio. He
has 6 crib blankets with him plus Curious George.


Clark is trying to sleep.

Tommy Keeping Me Company

At about 5 pm Clark went to get chicken McNuggets for Tommy and a fish filet for Erin. But, by the time he returned, Tommy was sound asleep. He fell asleep on the floor between the beds in Erin’s room , which is actually where he chose to sleep last night.  So, now he is wide awake at almost 11:30 pm. Tommy is keeping me company while I watch the rehash of tonight’s RNC speeches. Erin went to sleep about an hour ago.

Time to read a book to Tommy .. and maybe he will fall asleep.  I can dream!


New friend Alyssa and Tommy Aug 29, 2012

Tommy is visiting us for 3 days. Mišelka left this morning
for a long planned break to go to Burning Man in Reno
with a friend. Ironically,Tommy’s pre-school is closed this week.

After dinner Tommy wanted to go to “your park”. We wemt
out the back door and made a round about walk to the park
which is right across the street from the house 2 doors away.
On the way Tommy stopped at lamp posts and fire

At the park Tommy met 2-year old Alyssa. She was scared
to go down the slide, but after-watching Tommy do it,
she went down enthusiastically. Then they shared the
tire swing.

Erin is feeling lousy, but is enjoying Tommy’s company.

Tommy Loves Lamp Posts Aug 29, 2012

Tommy thought we needed a new lamp post photo.

Tommy Loves Fire Hydrants Aug 29, 2012

We had to stop at every fire hydrant in the neighborhood.