Home Visit from the Director of Hospice

This afternoon Dr. Michael Gunther Maher visited Erin. He is the director of Kaiser’s Sacramento and Roseville hospice programs.


Michael Gunther Maher, MD

Be sure to click on the link above. He has a beautifully written bio.

Erin has been on Medicare Hopsice for 6 months now, (Her first 4 weeks were as a “Commericial” hospice patient.) and Medicare requires that he come after 6 months, and then every 2 months. He is going to certify her for another 2 months, and then if she seems stable, will probably suggest an MRI. He has to be able to state that he thinks that her life expectancy is less than 6 months.

He stayed for over an hour. He seemed in no hurry to leave. He kept asking Erin questions to find out how she felt about things. Erin kept telling him she was having a good day and could remember names better than usual. I asked him how many hospice patients there were.  He said that at a given time there are 30-40 patients in each of Sacramento and Roseville areas. There is usually only about 1 glioblastoma patient. There are a couple of others with brain tumors, but not GBMs.


2 thoughts on “Home Visit from the Director of Hospice

  1. Barb Chase July 18, 2012 at 20:25 Reply

    I clicked on Dr. Maher’s bio and it was as wonderful as you had said. We need a lot more Dr. Mahers. He really has a calling. From your description of the people who have come from Kaiser I am very impressed with the care that Erin has received and the support they give the family. Thank you for suggesting reading his bio.

  2. lucy brown July 24, 2012 at 13:26 Reply

    kaiser seems to be very thorough in patient care according to protocol. i am surprised at the low number of hospice patients in the program now, and they have so much to offer and have provided for erin. as a hospice nurse i give them five stars. your family is blessed to have kaiser as your provider.

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