Haas Family at Play 14July2012

Steve and the boys arrived about 4:30 pm after Steve had picked up Paco
at a birthday party which was held at a Science Center in Sacramento.
They ended up staying until about 9:30 pm because everyone got interested

in the Giants’ game which got tied in the 9th inning. They finally gave up as

the game stretched into 12 innings. Paco was going to listen to the rest

of the game in the car on their way back to Davis.

In the photo below Tommy is playing with a toy golf set and Fisher-Price

people as Erin watches Steve and Paco make a log cabin from a set of

Lincoln Logs which my children had 40 years ago.

Earlier Tommy had living room pillows on the floor and pretended that he

was Captain of a submarine. He gave us imaginary life jackets and sold

us tickets. He sold Clark a red ticket. When I asked him if I could also

buy a red ticket so that I could sit next to Clark, he instantly replied,

“You sure can.” Then he yelled, “All aboard”. He was really wound up.

Steve says he gets the ideas from “The Dinosaur Train”. I have never

seen a child with such imagination.

Erin held up pretty well staying up the whole time.


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