From Grumpy to Cheerful

Erin said that she started out the day grumpy. She has also been very weepy and other than a couple of bites of mushroom cheese omelet, she has not eaten until now. She just (at 10 pm) fixed herself a corn tortilla with cheese, heated in the microwave, and she is quite cheerful.

Because Barbara, the volunteer, cannot come next week, she came again this morning in addition to last night. When we left to play bridge, she and Abby, the bathgiver were here.

When we arrived home at 2:30 pm, it was like Grand Central Station. When we arrived in the kitchen, Erin’s friend Anissa was here as planned. But, also in the kitchen were Jude, the Physical Therapist, whom I thought would have been long gone, and Barbara.  Jude had Erin walk again with the 4-pronged cane. She said that Erin’s right leg was more shaky than last time.

Erin suggested that I open the sliding door in the kitchen. After being 90 today, it is now 61. I had to go get a sweater. Sacramento’s Delta breezes are wonderful.


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