Erin’s Volleyball Star Nephew

Erin wanted fish and chips today, but it was too hot to go out. So, I called Clark and had him pick up a fish filet at MacDonald’s next door to bridge.  It hit the spot with Erin and she ate every bit of it.

Tonight Volunteer Barbara came to stay with Erin while we played bridge. They did laundry and got some returns packaged up which Barbara volunteered to take to the post office since she is going there tomorrow.

Just as we got home, Colleen and Deke stopped by with pink champagne.  Wheeler came with them. They had all just returned from a 4 day trip to Camp Sacramento.  Deke kept telling us what a star Wheeler was in the volleyball game and pretty soon Wheeler took charge telling Deke what to do. This went on for 3 hours.  Wheeler got too tall for baseball, but now maybe volleyball is his sport.


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