Difficulty with Words

When I asked Erin what to write about, she said that she is having more difficulty finding words. At dinner she was having a quesidilla and wanted something white with it. I suggested milk, cottage cheese, mayonaise, white bread all to no avail.  But, after dinner she spotted the sour cream in the fridge which had been hidden behind a jug of iced tea, so neither of us could see it. She knew it was there, but I didn’t.

The cleaning ladies came today and I went to bridge, so Erin took Clark to lunch at Bodin (a sandwich shop). Clark said that Erin ordered something at the top of the menu, so didn’t have a lot of trouble ordering.

At dinner she was having a terrible headache, but by the time she got to her room after dinner, the headache was gone. I have just been in her room for an hour and a half reading the paper. When I returned to the living room I read an email from her written before I went to her room. The title of the email was “Just”.  The text said, “I wear ok. I went with extra, but did they”.  I just asked her what it meant, and she said something to the effect that she hadn’t needed medicine for the headache.

It was 106 degrees here today!

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