The Physical Therapist called about 11 am to confirm that she was coming at 12:30.  A little while later Erin asked me to call her and cancel the appointment because her head ached too much from the fall to do physical therapy.

Blas, the RN who is substituting this week and next for Denise, came at 2 pm. He checked her head and thought that the swelling was minimal. He thinks that Erin should resume the blood pressure medicine, but Erin doesn’t seem too interested in doing that. Erin was talking in “word salad” style which she did yesterday at Dr. Adam’s office also.

At 5 pm or so, I had to go get some prescriptions for Erin.  She wanted me to buy something for her on the way home.  I finally determined that it was food, and a tortilla of some sort.  Then it was at Del Taco. She tried explaining what she wanted, but I just couldn’t understand, so I suggested that she come with me, which she eagerly did.  She waited in the car (103 degrees outside) with the air-conditioning going while I was in the pharmacy. Usually at 5 pm, I just walk up to the counter at the pharmacy, but today there were 3 or 4 people ahead of me. Then they didn’t have one of her prescriptions ready. I told them I would come back another day for it, but then by the time they found my prescription, Erin’s was ready.

It was quesadillas that Erin wanted at Del Taco and she wanted 4 of them (for her and Clark). I read her the 4 different types that it had on the board at the drive-thru, but she kept saying other phrases which didn’t make sense.  When the girl came on the intercom, she was very patient with Erin, and finally suggested that we drive up to the window. We kept suggesting what it was that Erin might want, and after about 5 minutes she finally conceded to one of each of the 4 types. What a struggle!


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