An ETA of 9:15

I was about to write the blog saying that there had been no mattress delivery today as Apria had promised, when I got a call at 8:40 pm from a young man saying, “This is Apria. The ETA is 9:15”. I was surprised they would be doing deliveries on Saturday.  But,  he said that he was delivering the mattress at 9:15 tonight!  I got a call at 9:10 pm changing the ETA to 9:30 pm.

He arrived as promised and swapped the mattresses. I asked him how many people using hospital beds were available for mattress delivery at 9:30 pm. He shook his head and said that they actually deliver until 10:30 pm. Amazing.  Actually, for us it was much better at 9:15 pm rather than 9:15 am.  Erin pronounced the new foam mattress as wonderful.


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