Mattress Saga

About 3 weeks ago when Denise, the RN, was here, Erin complained about the hospital bed mattress. It was foam and had a depression in it. Denise said that they wear out, so she immediately called the hospice office to contact Apria Health Care. Apria called me the next day and wanted to know whether Erin wanted another BioCore foam mattress or if she would rather have an innerspring one. She decided to try the innerspirng one. It turned out to be quite uncomfortable. So, when Denise was here 10 days ago, she called the hospice office and asked the back up secretary to call Apria to have the mattress changed out to a foam one. She made a comment that if the regular secretary were there, she would be sure it would be taken care of right away.

We didn’t here anymore about it all week, so when Denise came 2 days ago, she called the hospice office again. I got a call this morning from the Apria delivery guy who was on his way to deliver the new mattress. I decided to confirm my address, and he said that he was in Davis about to deliver the mattress there! He said that he would call the Apria office and they would send someone covering Sacramento.

When that guy was on his way, I stripped Erin’s bed and put the linens in the washing machine. When the guy showed up, he had another innerspring mattress! So, I got a call later from Apria saying they no longer carry the BioCore mattress, but have a different kind of foam one. They won’t be delivering that until tomorrow. So, I put the clean linens back on the innerspirng mattress, and will be transferring them to the hopefully newly delivered foam mattress tomorrow.

Erin is still feeling exhausted. Barbara, the volunteer, was here tonight. Erin slept the first couple of hours she was here, so they didn’t take the walk around the block which they had planned.


One thought on “Mattress Saga

  1. Barb Chase July 6, 2012 at 19:45 Reply

    That’s quite a mattress saga! Hope the right mattress arrives tomorrow. You must be tired from all that changing of linens etc.
    We are recovering from a marathon today of clipping and trimming in our backyard with our grandsons and their friend Thomas. It’s work to get them to work but they are good spirited about it all. We do pay them so it takes away some of the sting of cutting , sawing, weeding etc.

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