3 Years ago on July 4th

3 years ago today on Saturday, July 4th, Clark came home from Wheeler’s baseball game at the field near Sac State and said that Erin had a brain tumor and was being transferred by ambulance from the ER at Kaiser South to the neurological ward at Kaiser Morse Av. Clark was sitting next to Colleen at the game when she got a phone call from Erin asking if Steve could bring Paco to the game so that Steve could go to the hospital.

Apparently, Erin had been having terrible headaches and on the previous day had had a horrendous one. Her friends at lunch had encouraged her to call a doctor.  She talked to a doctor in Roseville who insisted that she go into an ER the next morning. She drove herself and 4 month old Tommy from Davis to Kaiser South and arranged for her friend Vivian to meet her  there to care for Tommy while she was having a CT scan. She had an MRI on Sunday and then surgery on Tuesday for the glioblastoma. The tumor was completely resectable (operable) and Erin and I thought that she might be one of those few for whom the tumor didn’t return for many years.

We were told that the median survival rate for a glioblastoma was 14 months. (Ted Kennedy was an example ot that.) Erin has now survived 36 months.

Today Erin was exhausted after yesterday’s busy day.  She slept until mid-afternoon, then rallied to go to the 4th of July block party at Brandon and Lisa’s. They and 8 other neighbors go together to rent a jump house, dual slip and slide, and a water slide.  Individual neighbors set up wading pools such as the one in the photo below. They receive a permit from the city of Sacramento to rope off the street. Steve and the boys came, too. Tommy entertained himself for a long time riding around in a plastic car of Beck’s and Paco liked the waterslide.


5 thoughts on “3 Years ago on July 4th

  1. Scott Holloway July 5, 2012 at 11:46 Reply

    The diagnosis of a brain tumor is a very shocking thing to receive. The stark reality of having a Glioblastoma has to be numbing for everyone in the family. Things certainly aren’t how they used to be for you guys, but Erin is still able to enjoy many of life’s blessings that so many people take for granted. I’m a fellow brain tumor survivor, and I must say that I appreciate keeping up with Erin’s good days on this blog, even though bad days happen, too. I’m so glad she is surrounded by the people who love her. My best to you guys.


  2. Suzanne (Bea's mom) July 5, 2012 at 13:16 Reply

    An excellent anniversary–keep them coming!

  3. Barb Chase July 5, 2012 at 13:24 Reply

    I had not known the connection with the 4th of July and Erin’s diagnosis with a brain tumor. Thirty-six months have passed and Tommy is no babe-in-arms but an active three year old. What a journey!. How nice that Erin and kids could enjoy the neighborhood get together with the waterslide and all. Thank you, Barb, for sharing the story. I am sure everyone enjoys the fun times that accompany the struggles that Erin and your family face.
    Edmonds enjoyed a dry day and temperatures in the “sizzling 70s” for their annual 4th of July parade and evening fireworks.

    • bcwgolf July 6, 2012 at 00:21 Reply

      By contrast to your temperature, we had a sizzling 95 here. While at Brandon and Lisa’s I drank four 16 oz bottles of carbonated water.

  4. Aba Hoodi July 6, 2012 at 07:57 Reply

    By contrast to all your wonderful temperatures, Detroit and surrounding areas “enjoyed” 103. And it was not dry…!!!! the humidity made it feel like 110*.
    Then we had severe storms on and off for 2 days and many people had trees on top of their houses, and there are still hundreds of thousands without power.. Thankfully we had no trees falling and we never lost power! Today it’s supposed to be 100 again, and of course, thunderstorms in the evening…
    But then everybody complains in January…..

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