A Great Day

Erin wants me to write right now to say what a great day she is having.  Her day began with a Starbucks coffee which Clark brought home at 10:30 just before Abby, the bath giver, arrived. Then Erin got an hour nap before Jude, the Physical Therapist arrived.  Jude was getting caught up on Erin’s activity the past week, when Shannon arrived. Shannon brought back Erin’s computer which she had accidentally taken home with her last Saturday when she had driven Erin to Davis.

While Erin and Shannon were having lunch, Jude assisted Erin sliding her paralyzed right arm back and forth on the table trying to reach out for the salt shaker. Then Jude had Erin use the four-pronged cane to walk from the kitchen all the way to Erin’s bedroom with a short rest in the wheelchair halfway through.  Jude held Erin’s weak right side and Shannon followed with the wheelchair.

Jude left at 2 pm just as Denise, the RN, was arriving. Denise recognized Jude from the photo of Jude I had shown her. So, Denise jumped out of her car to catch Jude just as she was about to drive away.  When Denise came in, she raved over how happy Jude is with Erin’s performance. Jude feels that Erin is really making progress. Erin knows that she will be sore tomorrow, but it will be a good feeling. She is feeling so happy, exhaustion hasn’t set in yet.


2 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. Madelynn July 3, 2012 at 16:32 Reply

    what a great day and all so positive. many more such days are sure to follow

  2. Nita and Ed July 3, 2012 at 16:55 Reply

    Definitely a busy and great day for Erin. Happy to read this blog. Hi to everyone and Happy 4th!

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