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Visit to Oncologist

Erin saw Dr. Adams yesterday. He thought that she had remained very stable over the past few months with only more trouble with word finding.

Today Erin had visits from Colleen and from her next door neighbors in Davis.


Erin eating sushi with chopstick in left hand

Steve sent this photo to me this evening when I was helping out at bridge. I phoned Clark and asked him if Erin had gone out for sushi with Steve. (Erin had already had an early dinner with us before I left for bridge.) Clark said “no” that Steve had stopped by, but left after a half hour. Then he went to look in Erin’s room … and no Erin. She was indeed out for shushi!


Erin posted photos

Erin posted the 3 photos below. Steve sent her the 2 of the boys. Then she caught me napping in the bed next to her.

She was feeling yucky today, and had trouble finding food she liked, though she had me call Clark at bridge to have him pick up a fillet-o-fish at MacDonald’s on his way home.  She ate about 2/3 of it. She has gone to bed early again tonight.



I Love my kids. Steve to this one.


What make with inept


Erin,Paco,Steve,Clark,Barb July 27, 2012

Here is another photo from yesterday’s family gathering. In the front row are Erin,

8 year old son Paco, and husband Steve. In the back row Clark and I. 3 year old

Tommy scrambled out of the photo wanting to play with his cousin Beck.

Erin had a quiet day today. We ate left over chiles rellenos .. delicious. They are

my criterion for judging a Mexican restaurant. She went to bed at 10 pm … early

in this household.