Monthly Archives: June 2012

Erin in Davis

Shannon and her 5-year-old son Mateo picked up Erin this morning and they went to Davis to see Paco’s All-Star game at noon. Steve said that Paco’s team won today …they had lost the first game last Wed. evening.

Steve said Erin held up through the game.  Afterwards, they went back to the house, and he said he had no trouble getting her up the new ramp.  She took a nap this afternoon and plans to stay there tonight, and Steve will bring her back here tomorrow afternoon.


A Busy Day at Home

Today was busy with Abby the bath giver, Marilou the Social Worker, and Barbara the Hospice Volunteer. Erin fell again in the bathroom, sort of slipping down along the transfer pole, so she didn’t hurt herself.

When we got home from bridge tonight, Barbara said that Erin had had pizza for dinner, watched a little TV, and went to bed about 9 pm. Barbara had transferred towels and sheets to the dryer, folded them, and helped Erin do a load of laundry.

Colleen stopped by in the afternoon and stayed for about 45 min chatting with Erin.


Visit from Aletha

Today Erin’s friend, Aletha, who works downtown, came to visit Erin on her lunch hour.  Aletha is one of the 6 chicks who have gotten together for dinner for the past 10 years or so. The visit gave Erin a boost, and she seems quite cheerful tonight.

Erin fell the night before last when she came to the kitchen a little after midnight. I guess she was sitting in the wheelchair reaching to the floor to pick up something that she dropped, when she fell out of the chair.  She crawled to the living room and called for us.  But, she didn’t want to try to get back in the chair and just crawled all the way back to her room. We have been told not to try to lift her when she falls, but just keep her calm, and hold the chair steady if she wants to get back in it, which sometimes she does quite easily.



An Up and Down Day

Shannon took Erin out at 11 for Trader Joe’s shopping where they ran into Barbara, the hospice volunteer. So, she and  Shannon got to meet each other. Then Erin and Shannon went to lunch at Les Baux on Folsom Blvd in the old location of Cassidy’s.  Shannon agreed with me that they didn’t need to go back. There are only about 5 items on the menu, you order at the counter, and the sandwiches aren’t that big. I tried to look up the meaning of bau in my French dictionary with no luck. Lililane, is it a made up word?  The owner is Vietnamese – he has the La Bou restaurants here, which started out as La Boulangerie, but got shortened.

Erin came home exhausted and in pain from head-to-toe. We were supposed to take her down to Davis for Paco’s All-Star game at 6, but she cancelled. She cried quite a bit, then decided maybe she should not have reduced her prozac.  So, after taking one of those, she almost instantly felt better, had a good dinner, and went to bed early.


Feeling Much Better

Denise, the RN, was here today, and Erin wept a little, but then perked up and has been fine since.  Steve had to come to town to pick up his laptop which was being repaired and he returned Erin’s MacBook Air which he had borrowed while his Mac was in the shop.

They went out to dinner at Roxy where Erin ordered tilapia and brought her leftovers home for me.  Clark and I went to Ettore’s where I ordered grilled salmon on a bed of couscous.  I brought my leftovers home for Erin!

Erun says she is in no pain.




Feeling Blue

Erin slept most of the day. She is feeling very blue.  Tonight she did eat a mushroom-cheese omelet which Clark had cooked for her.

Geraldine called from England and Colleen stopped by to visit her tonight.