Fun in San Jose

Steve brought Erin home about 6:30 tonight after a fun, but perhaps tiring, 2 days in San Jose.  Erin was up all day yesterday visiting their Argentinian friends Carolina and German and  their 4 young children. Steve used to work at eBay with German. Erin’s nurse practioner friend, Debbie, was also there.

The “handicapped room” at the  Double Tree was not very well equipped, not even a hand-held shower, and Erin fell, but survived.

Today they visited cousins Ken and Anne in Santa Cruz near Scott’s Valley.  Steve said that their 15 year-old Alec and almost 12 year-old Caroline are both taller than he is. Paco had fun playing with 2nd cousin, 10 year-old Kyle.

Erin is tired and in pain through the front of her face.  I think the pain meds are making her talk very incoherently. But, the weekend was a big success and she wants to do more similar outings.


One thought on “Fun in San Jose

  1. Bill & Nancy Barnard May 28, 2012 at 10:02 Reply

    So glad they had a fun weekend. Happy Memorial Day to you all.

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