Off to San Jose; Access Ramp May 26, 2012

We took Erin to Davis this morning. Steve rented a larger van to take
Erin, Paco, Tommy, and Mišelka to San Jose for the weekend. They
were going to visit their friends from Argentina today, and have
brunch in Santa Cruz with my nephew Ken and wife Anne and kids
tomorrow. Steve rented a handicapped room at the DoubleTree.

Erin was very apprehensive about going and being in a place
without Safe-T-poles in the bedroom and bath. But, Tommy was
very excited about the big car. Paco noted that there were 9
cup holders. There were 3 seats plus room for luggage and

Our new access ramp arrived yesterday and Erin used it for
the first time this morning. The threshold from the garage to
the house is just 2 1/2 inches high, but with the light weight
wheelchair so wobbly, both Shannon and I had had trouble
with getting over that ledge. It was a much smoother ride
over the threshold this morning. The ramp is very portable,
so we can also use it to get from the patio into the house.

Steve, let us all know how it is going. Have fun!

One thought on “Off to San Jose; Access Ramp May 26, 2012

  1. lucy brown May 28, 2012 at 01:08 Reply

    way to go, barbara. that is the same tenacity you use at bridge. i have found that one of those pads which are used on the floor in kitchens (commercial) to prevent slippage is invaluable in getting a foothold to steady the chair. it has a network of holes which grab the wheels, small enough to roll smoothly. they are at any restaurant supply and can be trimmed to size.

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