McDonald’s request

I got an email from Erin tonight when I was helping out at the bridge lesson at the Dante Club. She requested that I stop at the McD’s next door and pick up a Big ‘N Tasty hamburger.  Turns out they no longer carry it, so I got something with the word Angus in it which was supposed to be close. Also, got the fries and a drink which Clark consumed, and 3 cookies.  Afterwards, Erin asked for an anti-nausea pill!


One thought on “McDonald’s request

  1. Barb Chase February 28, 2012 at 05:34 Reply

    Hi Barb,
    I enjoyed the picture of Tommy “up” on the lightpole (I think that was what he was standing on). He is a cute kid. And aren’t you nice getting the special food for Erin and Clark.
    Yesterday we woke up to snow covered mountains and a beautiful day, a rarety in February. It does have a way of inspiring you after a grey day.

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