Christmas Day – a Good Day

Christmas Day was a good day for Erin.  Her cold was much better and she was up most of the day, even though she had not slept well last night, sharing her room with Steve and the boys.  After present opening we were joined for brunch by Misel and my brother Bob, so including Steve’s parents, there were 15 of us.

Clark and I left in the early afternoon to have Christmas dinner with his 4 sons and their families in Marin Co.  We were gone about 6 hours and Colleen checked in on Erin every couple of hours and brought her dinner.  It is convenient to have Colleen living just about 150 ft away.  Colleen had invited Erin to spend the afternoon at her house, but Erin wanted to stay here by herself.

When we got home, Clark, Erin, and I chatted for quite a while in the living room, Erin very animated and positive.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Day – a Good Day

  1. Barb Chase December 26, 2011 at 11:35 Reply

    So glad Erin’s cold was better by Christmas. How nice to have so many of your family and Steve’s family with you! Barb, you had quite an active day with your ride to Marin County and all.

    We stayed overnight with Jeanne, Bob & boys and then Bob’s brother & family joined us. We will have a later Christmas with Dave & family after they return from Idaho.

    Now I am trying to get our place cleaned up in readiness for the Dave Chases.
    Its a nice sort of busy that I like here at home.

  2. ramona December 26, 2011 at 16:03 Reply

    Merry Christmas Erin! so glad you had a wonderful day despite battling the cold. Prayers and hugs

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