The cleaning ladies were coming today, so to get out of the house, Erin, Clark, and I went to a nearby restaurant called Nopalitos.  You order at the counter, but the food is very good. Erin liked her chicken burrito.  She did much better than the last time we were there about a year and a half ago when her tongue was raw from the Tarceva chemo.  Her tongue has really healed up, though the last few days it has been a little raw around the edges.

Erin slept well last night and tonight was in bed early.  Clark says that while I was at bridge tonight, Colleen and Deke came over and their topic of discussion was hugging vs. non-hugging families.

We are looking forward to the arrival tomorrow of her 2 other cousins from Denver, Tom’s sisters, who will be here for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Nopalitos

  1. Lucy & Mack November 18, 2011 at 18:58 Reply

    I love the topic of the discussion: Hugging vs. non-hugging families. The White family was a non-hugging family until Grandma Virginia got Alzheimer’s Disease. Then, she would come into a room and walk around and hug everyone. We became a hugging family from then on. Her gift to us!
    Thank you, Erin & Barbara, for these wonderful windows.
    Love & prayers, Lucy

  2. bcwgolf November 18, 2011 at 23:01 Reply

    Hi Lucy
    Great comment. I read it to Erin tonight on our way home from dinner, and she enjoyed it. Clark says it was kind of an interesing discussion.


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