Monthly Archives: September 2011

Negative in Sugar

I am eating a lot of smoothing eating.

Eating a lot of sugar. Donuts, Caramel, Icc Cream…Caramel.


But then ditch…until Sunday?

Oncology Appt Today

Erin and I met with Dr. Adams today as she does every 2 weeks now before the Irinotecan-Avastin infusion (which will be tomorrow).  Adams pointed out that the MR (as he calls it) showed decreased  mass effect and less enhancement, but that the Diffusion Restriction was worse.  I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a definition of Diffusion Restriction. 

He says that her prognosis is bad and that she should ask UCSF about further trials for when the Irinotecan stops working  – and he said that it will stop working – could be a week, a month, or a year.  This really upset Erin and she has been upset all day.

He thinks that her clinical presentation is worse than it was a month ago (speech and loss of the visual field) and he goes  more by that than by MRIs.

L, a friend of Erin’s from high school came by and took Erin to Raley’s to grocery shop about 4pm. They met up recently in Davis because L has children in the same school as Erin’s.  Coincidentally, L’s  mother died from a glioblastoma when they were juniors  in high school.


What a Needing…

Shan pointed out that the wallet I am using is too little and it is time to update. have to face it. No more pockets full of stuff. Just too much crap

Not Muches Semse


I am stuck in high doses of different thinks.

Am in a fog. This is my life for a while. Thank good I have more to tell people to take take of all of us. If  I get lucid, that will be miraculous!

Just grumpy

Body was hurting most of day. Trying to drug self!

If that makes any word more to hang starred it.

So Lame.

I have pain. This is pain I have shin splints since age 6. Should I be looking at all could do cancer issues? Nope, just wining about my shins. Yes, my grammar and writing are sucking. There are a huge amount of people helping us…I am still being lame. But because a drug that is making the pain higher than usual, I should go above issues.


Nope, I am still pissed off that my legs hurt. Man, not a good perspective!


I have to be Sacramento, but this…these boys make me worker. Everyone helps. It is amazing.