Sooooo Out of It

I have an incredible cold. I thought I had passed it, it was Lemon’s start. I am on huge dosages of steroids, so writing is challenging. My right eye does not want to click with my left one. The steroid effects quite close to the inside of my head. So I can look at it as good, and as bad. I’ll take good.

I am going to post this asap, but I do have to write about the last 3 months and the crazy world. I cannot see well out of my right eye when facing the computer. I can, thankfully, write with my hand just fine.

My master mom will have to be the corrector. She is amazing as always.

The bottom line is I have more work to do. But more on that later. Thanks for all keeping an eye on me!

One thought on “Sooooo Out of It

  1. Lloyd and Nancy Coyne August 25, 2011 at 12:13 Reply

    You may not remenber us – we knew your mom in college and have been following your blog. You have a fantistic spirit and zest for life. Keep up the fight. In life I’m sure most situations can be looked on as good or bad. Keep looking at the good. We are keeping an eye on you through your blog. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, love…Lloyd and Nancy.

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