77 Goes to 60

Yes, yes, I have an upset stomach. I have vodka next to me that will have to go into the freezer. Alas, some traditions have to be put aside.

So setting that aside….my mom came home today from a huge bridge tournament. She and Clark met with two of mom’s siblings. They were hot but 10 days of bridge was glorious for them. My mom turned 77 today. She is amazing. Just amazing.

I am grateful that she is back. I am just in and out of it. Today is the first day that I have not slept three hours along the day. (I had two 30-minute power naps today). I think having a good afternoon of running around with Paco simply helped. He was out of soccer at 11:30 and we went for his favorite. I noticed I did not get too freaked out with each shiver.

This evening, a great babysitter tried out for a couple of hours. The boys loved her. I know the woman that babysat her years ago, and uses the girl now. This is a special person who can deal with my crazy world.

So my mom is rightfully worried. But I am trying to remind myself that the noun loss and the physical side effects I have are relatively minor. I have aged. My mom seems like 77 going on 50. So I have a good role model to follow.

Oh, side note…I must have done something with the settings on the blog. So I’ll slowly try to work it around. Between naps =)

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