For last last two weeks (or so) my body has gone wild. Eat, get nauseous, must sleep over 12 hours a day, in general, not seeming…ok.

My beloved Dr. Oncologist insisted I come in today. It turns out the messages I had sent him were not me, he could tell something was going wrong. It turns out, that while my side effects of whatever are here, it is not too familiar. He thought they sucked, but he was looking more at my mind and ability to walk a line, etc.

I am getting a lot of hot flashes, but not like I did. Now, they are longer, but less pounding. The weird part is I get long cold flashes in the evenings. The air conditioing was on this afternoon, the boys had taken off their shirts. Steve had asked me if I was cold. I was wearing a polar fleece. It have a regular temp, but I kept falling asleep at the table and was wearing fleece, in 80 degree weather.

I have to watch it and figure out ways to cope with this stuff. It was arrogant and compared by experience with the drugs I was on during the three taker classes. But really, this is easier. My challenge is that it is summer, so while Lemon is in his school now, I am alone for about 2 hours. Better than it was, but not really enough to sleep. I have to go back to sleep right now. I slept from 8-10, then I’ll do from 11 to the morning. Then maybe, just maybe a small nap will hold me together.

Sigh. This is not even that bad, but I love the kids and I love naps. It just seems wrong to have to choose the naps over spending time with a son.

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