Wasn’t Going to Post…

But I am having a weird cold or odd reaction to an drug I am taking for an infection. It is so weird. The last few nights i have been shivering. I am ok by day, but then the snots hit. Not bad and I would have guessed it is just a easy cold. But right now, I am shivering. I am in bed with a hat on my head and a sweatshirt. It is 76 degrees inside the house. It is 81 outside. I am shivering.


Isn’t that weird? I don’t have a feverish body temperature, I just have the chills. Again.


Soooo bizarre.

One thought on “Wasn’t Going to Post…

  1. Rebecca July 21, 2011 at 07:00 Reply

    Is it the flu? Sure hope you feel better soon.

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