The Windy Road (La Calle Sinuosa)

This evening, after we got back from the park, we put Lemon to bed and sat around and chatted with Paco. Steve was working late, but came home at 10 PM to me, Judy and Paco cracking each other up.

Lisa, my beloved sister-in-law came today and packed up 5 (I think) boxes for us. Amazing. No Beckett, Beckett’s grandmother watched him so Lisa could help. Jolene and June, moms of good friends with cute kids, look after their grandkids, so their daughters can help me. That is extraordinary.

Paco and I made a bet. He is feeding fish next week and we believe he is exaggerating the size of the fish. The loser has to write 3 emails to people in Spanish and if I lose, I also have to post in Spanish. While we were discussing this, I found a test I had taken last year. I read it out loud, and this is why Paco and Judy were laughing so hard. It is Spanish, but the words vomitar and rapido are self-explanatory. Malteada means milkshake.

Cuando era niña, mis abuleos vivían en Medocino. Dos veces cada año, íbamos allá para visitar mis abuelos. Mi padre conocía el camino muy bien. Y cada vez, esperabamos que él condujera más lentamente, pero cada vez, él iba rápido por la calle sinuosa. Una vez, queríamos que nuestros padres llevarnos a McDonals para almorzar. Y mi hermando tomó una malteada verde (era el día de San Patricio). Mi padre, como siempre, conducía por la calle rápido. Mi hermano gritó, “Papi, es necesario que pares.” Mi padre quiería llegar a la casa de mis abuelos en punto. Él continuó por la calle. Y mis hermano gritó otra vez. “Yo voy a vomitar.” Y él lo hizo. Nuestro padre esteraba que mi hermano no vomitara, oer nostoros queríamos que él condujera menos rápido!

I may not have every detail correct, but it made Steve laugh when he got home. He thought that I meant Mendoza, Argentina at first. Un Mendocino is someone from Medoza. When I learned that I thought that was very cool.

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