Avastin Day: Escape From the Hot Zone

Forgot to post this last night!~

I was mean to someone today. There was a barista in a local café and I was annoyed with her. I sipped the espresso and then I returned to the counter to speak to her in a negative way. It is the first time in a long time where I have not taken the high road. Ugh!

Anyway, from there, I headed to UCSF for the Avastin. Ah, I was able to flee from the 80s (at 9AM) to the low 70s, high 60s (at Noon). There was a snafu with the meds, so I had to wait about an hour, but with the Brazil, Chile game, I was well–occupied. I was hoping for an all-Spanish speaking semi-final as the US and UK were kicked out.

The staff at UCSF was pleasant as always. From there, I enrobed two cousin outlaws and a cousin for family tasks, then returned home to two boys happy to be with their abuelita and daddy. My mother-in-law was not surprised at the help I got from family today. She shakes her head in amazement and gratitude for what the family has done for us.

Lemon is addicted to a parent. But he is also working it. He applies the charm, the sparkle and smile; then cries in need of water…no…no…no, he wants the bottle in your hand, the food that is the same will not do, he wants what is in your hand. He drank Paco’s milk, would not drink the same milk in his own cup. And without it, I would not give him an oreo. And he knew it. The child is 15.5 mos old and already fighting with me for the Stubborn title.

He also fights sleep. So I had best set a good example and not!

One thought on “Avastin Day: Escape From the Hot Zone

  1. Patricia Zavadl June 29, 2010 at 14:48 Reply

    Just how do you “enrobe cousin outlaws”? You’ve got me intrigued. How wonderful that Judy came back to help while you get ready for the move. Did I miss something–where are you moving? Love, Tia Patricia

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