Temodar, Leads to Sleepiness

In about 45 minutes, I will take the last of it for a cycle. I can deal with the bathroom issues. Alas, the fatigue issues are more challenging. Though for a few glorious minutes, I fell asleep yesterday, wondering why I was so tired. I take this as a good sign: that I had no idea why for a few minutes.

Today, Cindy had offered me many opportunities for breaks. She collected Paco at 4. I was so passed out when she got here. As she gently knocked at the door, Paco was watching TV (yes, again, it is Temodar week, and I am making him behave worse in front of the TV; I am sure), Lemon was sleeping as was I. Paco excitedly went along with Cindy. We had gone to Home Depot that morning (me with the boys). I had broken the rule of who can sit in the big kids section (Lemon, no). But I don’t normally break too many rules. When I saw the awesome safety belts, I felt ok.

I got my blood drawn and did not do much else except look for a bathroom. (for discomfort, not to prevent an accident). Yea, yea, Temodar has tummy problems, but at least it does not directly affect much else. Oh! Except that brain thing. But that is a positive affect.

As Brandon implied; this is the ultimate positve affect (not the Tarceva face and Avastin bleed, the boys!):

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