Emotion is ramped up on steroids. Because of the Temodar, I am on steroids. They do not bring out the best in me. Today, I was so cranky. And I met Amanda for lunch. The whole world pulled joy out of Lemon. He blew kisses to all. He has so many to share.

I love my good friend Amanda. She is moving soon. And it finally came to reality today.This was likely our last girl’s lunch for months. And instead of appreciating what we had, a timeless friendship, I actually became quite sad. We have been long distance friends for over a decade, yet the last few years, only an hour apart. I will miss her so. She was there when Lemon arrived. Today, she held him most of the time. And he tried to eat her hand.

I needed a reality check from Steve, “this is normal right, this is not about cancer.” He sweetly laughed, held me and said, “This is normal.” Amanda was indeed his friend first.

After lunch, both Amanda and I had to rush off to collect our older children. In opposite directions we headed, of course. I collected my Pacquito and headed off to get his foot checked out. He decided he wanted to see the doctor. His Pediatrician is a lovely man, and worries about me a fair amount. The Pediatrician decided to x-ray the foot just in case. So I called the great Babs to rush to me so I could go in with Paco while she stayed with Lemon. As I was changing Lemon’s diaper, the x-ray group was running ahead and took Paco minutes early. Paco went in so fast, I did not even realize. Paco went and did it, all on his own. I know it seems like a small, painless thing, yet it was a first.
I love Kaiser. His appt was at 4:15, by 5:45 the pediatrician looked at it, (clear and healthy) and Mom and Clark arrived. So of course, Clark insisted on taking us to dinner. And it was just fun and relaxing. Paco enjoyed the company so much.

I cannot believe Paco. A year ago he was afraid of the world. Now he seems ready to take it on.

One thought on “Challenges.

  1. debbie marquez May 28, 2010 at 09:27 Reply

    Hi Erin,
    Yesterday I was talking to a patient’s mom at Kaiser. This is a women I have known for about 12 years and she has 4 children. Her Husband works building fences and she takes the bus to her appointment with the kids.
    Each of her children have some medical issues, and frequents the clinic. She never yells or complains. She always has smile and a soft voice. The thing that was different yesterday , is that I noticed a very short haircut. I asked “Maria” why did you cut your hair? She gently smile and said that she has had Breast Cancer for the past 2 years! It took me back for a second because she never told me or complained. I felt kind of stupid that i didn’t know what she was going through, all I could do was give her a big hug. I told her that she was brave and a great mom. I know that the hardest job is being a “MOM” and she just showed me that you can’t give up and to keep smiling.

    Remember to reach out Erin. all your friends love you !

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