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Ups and Downs

It is late, and I have to sleep. But the e-mails of worry started to arrive. It was a challenging week of Temodar. Not sure why, but this and last week seemed to have stronger side effects. I do have a lot to do the next 9 days.

Good moments and challenging moments. Babysitter Katie (Senior on the verge of being UCD alumni) stepped in this afternoon after I texted her asking for a nap. She took Lemon to the park, and I passed out. She also has a formal tonight, coming in the AM to help out and then to her hometown to help her folks.

I took my last Temodar today, 3.3 days to clear it out and refocus.

Liz, my Glioma buddy, kick it on the walk!

…And Then There Was a Puke.

At 4 AM, I awoke and realized I was nauseous and had forgotten to take Zofran. And the puke began. Due to the Tarceva, my throat is wrecked, but it has already improved in 6 hours. I am tired, but ok. There was blood, but that does not seem rare. In my case, it was likely due to the throat damage and the inside of my nose is covered in it too. The Avastin Effect.

Welcome to the Trial World. Still, other chemos…so much worse.

Need a caffeine IV. That would be soooo great.



Vivian and I shared an incredible bowl of spinach at dinner tonight.  I told Vivian, at the end, that I would have to go. She explained she was ok with it outside.  Good sport, Viv. So when I came home, I was carrying a sleeping Paco to a different bed (he had fallen asleep in mine) and Steve thought Paco was snoring on me really loudly.

Nope, a Spinach toot. Not so much a toot, but a spinach tooting concerto.

This is a Tarceva side effect. Better toot than throw up.  Temodar tonight. So there could be in the future.

Typing One-Handed

Using my left to rub cream into my scab-head. It is already substantially better. More on that later.

Mom folded a ton of laundry, Shan brought her kids over and took all 4 to the park. Oh My. How she did that, I do not know. Steve got home at a reasonable hour, so dinner was relatively fun. But I must finish dishes and sleep.

From Scabs to Smiles

I dragged the boys to Kaiser today because I forgot to do my blood draw yesterday. Paco was extra well-behaved. Not sure why. He was shocked when I made brownies (a mix, yes).

My complaint/side effect of the day is a head o scabs. Steve was fascinated when I made him feel my scalp. I googled it, and there were lung cancer Tarceva users who had the same challenge. But for me, I pulled out the European super itch cream (that had been hand imported by the friend of a friend (who is now stuck with me)) and rubbed it where there were scabs. I cannot tell if it is pimples/acne, or just a rash.  The cream is a cool hair gel, it has actually worked like magic on my skin cracking, I keep playing with my hair and getting the cream on my fingers. This seems to be something good.

So if you read the comment from yesterday’s post…My world has expanded in a kind and wonderful way. Spanish has been a passion for about 4 years. It stopped me from being bored at home with a 2 year old. And it is fascinating to see the difference visiting a country without the language, and then with a bit of it, then a bit more, then a bit more.

I don’t even know what to say about the kindness of the authoress who posted a comment. I was at McDonalds with the kids today and got the email update on the blog. Paco wanted to know why I was sad. I said, I am not sad, overwhelmed in a good way. I read him the note and told him which books of hers we had. And his eyes filled as well. He gets it.

The magic of words.

Old Friends, New Friends.

Since being in contact with my good friend from High School, I have regained contact with 2 others. Good friends. Junior and Senior year, I was a basket case. I don’t know who knew, only a few. But I really think I shut down immensely. These three that I have been talking to are good friends. Friends from 13-14 when the world started to widen. The friends that I could trust. Still can, that is the phenomal  gift of modern technology: renewing contact with phenomenal friends.

Paco had a game tonight. He was so fun to watch. But I have to admit, Lemon watched and I chatted. New friends. New place. I have never been this comfortable, this fast, during a challenging time.

A bit of advice for the economy of this time. Express appreciation as much as you can to whomever you see. I have been pretty expressive (shocker) especially since last year. I dislike listening to people complain if they have a place to sleep and a hand to hold and food for the table. So after I wrote the posting about Si tienes un papá mago, I decided to track down the author and wrote her. She wrote back in 24 hours. I wrote 2 lines of appreciation. And she wrote me a page. To me, give a little, and people are, in general, generous of heart.

Should Have Posted This Sunday

But I was delayed by other things. I am going through the photos and just loving my kids. I wonder if GBMers make it longer if they have kids who smile often.

Grandparents. Baseball.

TomZ, to clarify: Apologies for the mislead! A neighbor gave Paco this hit away and tied it around the basketball post. I just did not get a good photo of it!