Not Sure Why, But I’ll Take It

I am wiped out. For good reason aside from the meds, but still. The volume of laundry done this evening and the 2 corned beefs I cooked (Steve, Paco, Mom: Lovers of the Meal) cooked. But the idea of starting Temodar tomorrow is freaking me out a bit. A rash already exists on my forearms, but not hives. Who knows what causes what. It seems everything can cause everything.

So I was exhausted and bummed from fighting with Paco (we got through it, but ugh) and an overtired Lemon and having to do major chores. So I called Shan to get my toosh in gear. And I also received another insistence on caretaking/visiting the end of this week. I know I can ask. I just don’t until I am at my darkest. As though I am saving up every offer for another time. But then, it seems like magic that every month someone is here during the Temodar round. That is awesome.

One thought on “Not Sure Why, But I’ll Take It

  1. Abuelita Judy Haas March 29, 2010 at 06:30 Reply

    We all know you can! and, YOU know you can, but nobody expects you to all the time! So, you can accept help sometimes. Remember what I told you regarding that: all of us who love you, want to do something sometime.

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