Not Crabby.

2nd cousins

Cousin Alan and his cool wife Lisa came with their girls. Alan’s sister Ginny (Aunt GinGin) and her cool husband, Ron, met up with them. Their plot was to take the kids out of the house for dinner and give us a break. We were having too much fun together that Steve and I both said, no way. The kids played well together and the adults felt lucky. Ginny and I were saying how great it was to be part of this huge family.

Tommy was addicted to Ginny. And I got in a power nap while they were here. But I see Tommy’s tendency not want to miss a minute of life is genetic. I did have a hard time. Even though everyone kept telling me to go nap.

And now I need to rest. Tomorrow Aunt Patricia comes in, have to save up some energy to chat!

One thought on “Not Crabby.

  1. Tom Z & Dean L December 31, 2009 at 07:50 Reply

    I’m just back from a pre-dawn trip to the airport: Aunt Patricia is on her way!

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