Boxing Day

As far as I remember, today is Boxing Day where servants and masters switch roles. Not so much here. The boys slept a bit late and Steve took first shift (he usually does, then I get up and make him coffee). Poor Steve, the Avastin is causing extra bleeding these days. Last night, I slept with a hat on my head (as usual in the cold) and when Steve checked on me, the hat was over my eyes and my mouth was open, with dried blood around my nose and upper lip. Poor Steve had to wake me up to make sure I was alive! ++My mouth was open due to the stuffed up nose, the nose stuffed due to the combo of Tarceva (which kicks up sinus issues) and the nose is filled with blood due to the Avastin. Such a great combo. Bad days I call Chagall days. The inside of my nose feels like glass and I think of the window in Chicago. But the inside of my nose is red. ++

Steve ran our old car seat to Beckett in Sac, while I dragged the boys to Vacaville to get my weekly blood draw. Paco was amazing, the wait was long and Paco sweetly played chess on my iPhone for 90 minutes. He also fed Tommy a snack and did not complain one bit. Waiting for blood work to be done, was another cancer patient with stage 4 esophageal cancer. The wife was strong and tired. Her brother’s wife was with them, and their 9-ish year old daughter. The wife was clear his end was getting near, and the cancer was resistant to chemo now. It had likely spread to his lungs and he could not breathe while horizontal. The daughter and Paco played for a while and they just seemed like a solid family. I admired all of their strength. I was so upbeat and worried I was too happy for them and their situation. But the sister-in-law said that I had lifted them. I had lifted them. Seeing them together reminded me I had that family tightness as well. And I held Paco so tight. And then took him to See’s and McDonalds. Yea, a bit of spoiling today. I wish I could thank this man who is facing death and tell him thank you for reminding me. It is so easy to forget from minute to minute what we have. Then I remember. And I kiss those boys. All three.

Steve got home from the seat delivery. Lisa is still confused why we are giving her our car seat that goes up to 32lbs. I pulled Tom out of that seat a while ago. He just does not like sleeping in the car and rarely transfers successfully. He seems to sleep better in the regular convertible car seat. Paco slept in the child carrier and still, at 5, sleeps as well as Tommy. Beckett is a great car seat sleeper and is growing like a weed. Hence the good hand-me-down. Someone needs to get good use out of the 32lb carrier!

Mom showed up shortly after we all got home. And for a bit Steve and Paco tossed the football around (Babs even caught a pass) and then Babs and Paco played bridge for beginners for quite some time. After a bit, my cousin Dave (#1) arrived with his 3 beautiful kids in tow. They put up with my lecture on traveling abroad and learning more Spanish quite well. Paco and Cecelia bonded. 2nd cousins age 5 and a patient 15-year old.

When they left, I just felt so fortunate to have family like them. Again, as always, I think my job is to be the perky one in the clinic waiting area or the infusion area or wherever. My life is good. These boys are full of love and kisses.  As Ginny Johnson says, they are gifts.  And so is Babs. She said she felt she had not done anything. She has no idea how happy she makes Paco. They are bridge buddies. It reminded me of myself at about 7 or 8, playing Gin with my grandmother in Fort Bragg. And she was about the same age my mom is now. Bombi, Babs’s mother-in-law, lived to 100. I hope my mom copies that lifespan.

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Lisa December 27, 2009 at 19:21 Reply

    I’ll blame the confusion on my blond highlights.

    • tiawheels December 27, 2009 at 22:34 Reply

      No, no. Blame the no-parking zone in my head!

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