Lack of Posting, Due to Happy Times

The Lack of Posting was mostly due to positive activity that led to desperation for sleep!

Friday was Paco’s concert at school. They sang a multitude of songs in Spanish. One for Chanukah, one for Kwanzaa and one for Christmas. There was also one about autumn where Paco got to play the wind, el viento. I actually rallied and made the cookies. Tommy was great, he barely squawked and was mesmerized by the kindergarten concert. So were we.

From there, I took Tom home and we passed out cold. I was supposed to pack and go to bed early, but instead, Paco and I watched the Santa Clause and the Santa Clause 2 in my bed. And had a good snuggling time.

Early Friday, I had received an email from a fellow GBM: clinical trial chica. We can call her TJ (she said I could use her name, but tonight I am feeling sensitive).  I get compliments on how I am doing in general. I am a walking miracle. My surgery was clean and lovely. TJ’s tumor is considered inoperable. TJ was diagnosed about a ten days before I was. She has a 13 month-old boy and is knocking on 43. The trial that we are both on and her radiation have actually shrunk her tumor. She is full of life, optimism, and spirit. We have barely exchanged emails (both of us, small kids, Christmas coming, no surprise!) and I feel like we could sit and chat for hours. When she wrote to me that her last REI showed the tumor was smaller, I was snuggling Paco and I started crying, full of hope. I am happy for her, but overjoyed for myself too. This chemo is challenging (though easy compared to other cancer treatments) but it is hope. We live on a bell curve, and I change the average lifespan statistically. With my surgery, pathology and age, I have a better chance than most. TJ would, in theory, be at the negative end of the bell curve. She won’t have it. She is blazing a path for me. For all of us.

Saturday a rich tradition was continued and slightly augmented.  I have 6 close friends who have been hanging out together for a long time. Every December we have a shopping in the City trip…just to be together and shop kid-free. This year, one could not make it, but 4 of us stayed overnight, providing a nice spot for rest. We try to shop a bit for Christmas, but also for ourselves. It is easy and fast to shop without kids!

Anissa and Shan always get chair massages at Origins. Amanda & I always get our brows waxed at Benefit. The master waxer, Edna, was the best I have ever had. No pain. She freaked out a bit (I warned her) about my rash and it will flare up and look horrible. Then she skillfully covered it up with make up (which Amanda then purchased for me as the Christmas gift).

The rash is worsening at the moment. I thought I hit the worst phase, Steve thinks August was worse. But he sees past it, so even when I feel ugly, he helps me forget it. I have been taking high doses of Anti-diarrhea medicine, so that I can actually walk without needing to know where the bathrooms are. But I gave my system a break today. Not surprisingly, I was not uncomfortable, but I did spend a lot of time in the bathroom today.

Tomorrow will be a great day. My good friend, Geraldine and her husband (who has become Steve’s good friend) Michael are flying up from LA for 4 hours. Just to see us. Geraldine’s brother lives in LA, but they live in England. Geraldine was my boss when I lived there (1994), and we have been friends ever since. We made it to each other’s weddings (Steve and I even crashed their honeymoon by accident). Paco adores Michael, Michael let Paco steer a 56 Bentley in his parking area, while sitting on Michael’s lap. It will be a good day. Though I might take more anti-diarrheal to give myself some more freedom!

One thought on “Lack of Posting, Due to Happy Times

  1. Tom Z & Dean L December 22, 2009 at 18:31 Reply

    Hey Erin-
    I’m so glad to hear that we have a bit of FUN to blame for your less-frequent updates – this is a trade-off I can live with! Keep having it!!
    Love, T & D

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