Oh Happy Day. MRI Clean.


8:10 AM, hit the road with Lemon in car.

8:45 AM, Shannon meets me at car. I hold Lemon while Shan carries Tom’s stuff. Needed bonus love.

9:00 AM, BP high. Shocker.

9:10 AM Dr. Chen walks in. He is happy with the clean MRI! Concerned about low platelet (lower than leuk-friend at the moment!). Warns me what could come for treatment (bag o platelet, etc). Says that if I go off the trial, MRIs would be 3-4 months, then at 2 years, 6 months apart. I like the 2 months MRIs. I am spoiled. He asked if I would do it everyday. I said, no, the new machine is really loud.

9:30 AM Re-pile back in car. Get to gas station to refill car. Tom is sad. Very whiny. Shan follows us to Radiology Imaging office of Kaiser (on Arden, across from St. Ignatius). I give Tom a bottle while Shan looks for a bathroom (there are about 10 Kaiser doors, it is the background work, not clinical). After failing, she returns to the car and takes over bottle. I run into imaging to sign release and get CD copies going of MRI from Sat. Ken, the nice guy who works there (June, who has also helped us, retired) says has a bathroom in the back for Shan. When I left the imaging office…there was Shannon in the parking lot, releasing Tom from the car seat to give him love. He was squawking. So she got to use Ken’s bathroom.

10:40 AM We threw Tom back into the car, left Shan’s car there and headed the mile to Kaiser Morse. Tom was falling asleep, so Shan just pushed me out of the car.

My appt was at 11:15, and I told Shan it would be 11:30 at the latest. Not being a Kaiser patient, she did not really believe me. So I get up to Oncology, get called in early, seen by Dr. Adams in minutes. Dr. Adams is a joy for me. He seems to just know what to say and how to say it. He said due to platelet count, the Temodar (the 5 days of yuck) would be pushed back a week. He thought UCSF would go forward with Avastin. I asked to retake the test, just in case, as I have learned from my Leukemia friend that they jump up and down. So I headed to the lab got the blood drawn done and then called Shannon about 11:20.

11:20 AM Shan was apologetic. She said she had not believed me and was on the freeway driving around Tom so he slept.

11:35 AM Shan came up and collected me. We (after forgetting and having to turn around) headed back to get her car from the other Kaiser lot. Then, Shan took off to get lunch (beloved Panera) and I was in the car with Tom when UCSF called me to see if I could get my platelets checked again (done!) and also could not do Avastin until it climbs above 50K.

Midday:  Shan meets me at Barbara’s with lunch in hand! Barbara’s house was freezing (ok 51) due to Barbara being on the beach in San Diego (in a large ballroom, playing bridge). I was so sleepy, I cranked up the heat and put Tom and I in a sunbeam and barely stayed awake. Shannon ate first, as I was huddled on floor in coat and blanket. I am always freezing these days (at this moment, the house is 70 degrees, I am in sweats and sweater, fleece and a hat, under the covers). Once the temperature got warmed, I ate the great sandwich that Shan picked up and we tried to feed Tom, who was too cranky due to teeth coming in. From there, we put Tom in the pack and play and relaxed for about 20 min. Then, when Tom woke up and would not stop crying, Shan took him and told me to sleep.  I did. I was out cold on my mom’s sofa for about 80 minutes. Shan played with Tom in the sunbeam. Glorious.

3:00 PM We packed up and Shan returned home, where her mother had watched Shan’s kids all day. I talked to UCSF and I had to go back to the lab for more testing. Ugh.

3:45 PM Reached home and dropped off Tom, picked up the lab slip sent by UCSF and headed to Davis Kaiser. Did my thing, (Anne, the phlebotomist, always lifts me up). Headed to the store and came home.

5:00 PM Lemon was fussing, so Steve and I traded chores at his choice. He opted to make dinner. I had picked up ribs from Safeway and I ate the 2nd half of my tuna Panera sandwich. Paco ate everything in front of him. A total of 2 whole bell peppers today! I had given Tom Motrin for the teeth and the child ate well.

6:00 PM Steve and Paco enjoy two pomegranates.

6:30 PM Bath

7:00 PM I do dishes. Steve returns to work. After dishes, I talk to Aunt Pat about tomorrow’s agenda.

9:04 PM. I am lucky. MRI. Access to experts.

At the moment, my body cannot handle chemo…perhaps tomorrow it can.  Tomorrow we go to UCSF for the monthly consult. I take the discs and show off my clean brain. Dr. Adams was great as he explained that we just keep trying to poison the cancer cells until they give up. He always helps me appreciate what chemo is. This is opportunity that I am fortunate to receive.

Love, A lucky girl.

P.S. Babs usually edits. She is playing bridge. Maybe she’ll edit it Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day. MRI Clean.

  1. Brandon November 30, 2009 at 23:03 Reply

    Congrats on the clean inner dome. Great news. I felt like we were in the know for a few hours waiting for you to post the results.
    Love, BW

  2. Tiffany McKenzie November 30, 2009 at 23:28 Reply

    congrats on the clean report!!! I have been out of town for a week so have not followed recently. I was so thrilled to see that first post! Now…I can continue on to catch up with what’s been going on the last week or so. Take care my friend!! I’m always thinking of you.

  3. Tom Z December 1, 2009 at 13:12 Reply

    1 December 2009, 1:16pm

    THIS Tom is neither sad nor whiny but feeling pretty happy right along with you (though I’d take a nap right about now if anyone wants to pick me up and take a tour of a freeway).

    I just love clean things!


  4. Liz December 1, 2009 at 19:12 Reply

    Sounds like we both get a chemo break due to low platelets. 🙂

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