On Behalf of Moms Across the World…

We need a nap.

Babs was exhausted today from fighting her cold. Did not stop her from baking a cake though. I went to her house to give Steve some space. Ha! We were all so tired (me from wearing fancy shoes yesterday) that it was a non-event. There was whist and King’s Corners involved, photos from yesterday (“don’t they look adorable?!” We said of B&L in every shot)

But we are all tired. All moms have a list of things to do. Sure, I can blame the side effects from the chemo. But today, I’ll blame my kids. Soooooo need to go to sleep early.

Cute moment: I had forgotten Wheeler’s math book in my car yesterday. So he and Michael dropped by to collect it from mom’s house. Tom made the leap for Wheeler’s dad. Like “oooo, you look like Wheeler. But you are taller.” Tom repeatedly made the leap from 6’3″ to 5’3″. Then back up. Then he napped. And we played whist and I printed photos. A weirdly productive day. With no nap.

Oh, think I discovered the main problem with food…bubbly water and soda in general. Since I gave them up…life is better. Salads still bad. But I ate pasta tonight, with meatballs. All is good.

On the food note…sort of. Paco and I hit Carl’s Jr on the way into Sac. I like the Santa Fe Chicken. Anyway, I got the Santa Fe Chicken for mom to try, and Fish Girl ate it! Clark was happy. Paco, as we pulled in, asked how long ago my dad had died. I said almost 15 years (14). He said, and how long has your mom had Clark. I said, almost 3 years. Paco said, “mom, you are really lucky that you have Clark to be your dad now.”

An observant kid. He is 100% right.

One more hour, then to sleep. And life…is good.

2 thoughts on “On Behalf of Moms Across the World…

  1. Aba Hoodi November 24, 2009 at 08:34 Reply

    Yes, as usual Paco is right. Everybody who is around Clark is lucky!

  2. Patricia Zavadil November 24, 2009 at 20:00 Reply

    Barbara ate chicken??!! I can’t believe it. Did you enchant her or something? Is Wheeler really 5’3″ already? Are you remembering to take vitamin C, Barb? I eagerly await more baptism photos. I think your wig is quite gorgeous, Erin.

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