Love and Hope and Faith and Dreams (and some Beck)

Erin’s brother, Brandon, here…

Apologies for the delay. Funny how it is tough to free up 15 minutes to post to a blog. I used to poke fun at those people who say, “I just do not have time to do whatever…”. Now that is I (or me? I think it is I. Feel free to correct).

Anyway, Lisa and I met Lisa’s cousin, Brett, at St. Mary’s (where Lisa went to elementary school and where we got married) last night to go over the final details of Beck’s baptism with Deacon George and about 11 other couples. Lisa’s folks, Chuck and Joleen, babysat Beck. Brett is the Godfather to Beck and Erin is the Godmother. We walked into the church a few minutes before seven and there was a cute gal that neither of us recognized frantically waving at us to sit next to her in the pew. Turns out it was Erin with a wig. Too funny. Erin lasted through the 45 minutes of the Godparent training and then took it off due to itching. She looked great with and without hair. I always forget she is sick while we are hanging out. Not sure if that is my optimism or her spirit. To use a West Wingism (just made that up)… Erin seems to be asking everyone, “What’s next?”

We headed back to our house and relieved Chuck and Joleen of their Beck duties. Erin and Beck compared relatively bald heads and bonded as good Godchild-Godmothers are apt to do. I took a bunch of pictures but have to download them from the camera, which I have not done yet. Instead, here are few from today that I took with my phone.

Just a FYI….Edub, Beck’s baptism name is Saint William of Rochester. He is the patron saint of adopted children.

Beck is doing great. Despite being tired most of the time, Lisa and I are still over the moon about him. He had his first round of immunizations last week. Cousin Mary (#2) gave a worried father some peace the day before with some kind advice. Good to have cousins in high places. I was telling Erin last night that I hope to live a long life (of course) to spend with Beck and Lisa. That said, even if I live to 80 it feels like it is not enough time. I imagine that is a good thing to feel about those you love.

Here are few pics….

Ciao, Brandy

5 thoughts on “Love and Hope and Faith and Dreams (and some Beck)

  1. bcwgolf November 19, 2009 at 00:46 Reply

    Did you slip and call yourself Brandy? Adorable photos of Beck. Clark thought they were of Tom; Beck looks so grown up.

    Erin did seem very vivacious today.

  2. tiawheels November 19, 2009 at 08:04 Reply

    Solely vivacious because I got a nice jolt from the Wheelers of Beckett. Man that kid is cute. I am staring at Tommy now. Cute too. But the only brown-eyed boy in our world!

  3. Tom Z November 19, 2009 at 13:13 Reply

    What a cute Baby! I was gonna say (direct quote) ‘Man, that kid is cute’ but Aunt Erin beat me to it. Impressed by the matching bedding/pajamas too.

  4. Patricia Zavadil November 19, 2009 at 23:06 Reply

    Beck’s eyes seem to be particularly LARGE and BEAUTIFUL! Are they blue or blue gray or green? I look forward to the photos taken yesterday and to seeing him in person when I come to Sacramento in January.
    Twelve seems like a lot of babies to be baptized at one time. Do they save them up till they get twelve — like the apostles or the twelve tribes of Israel?!

  5. Brandon November 20, 2009 at 10:05 Reply

    Hi Aunt Patricia,

    Beck is a baby of a thousand faces. He has different looks depending on the event (pre-food red faced look, content feeding look, super sleepy look etc.) His eyes are sort of a darker grey-blue.I am not sure if they will change (do they change this late?) but there is no noticable brown so perhaps they are blue for good.

    St. Mary’s has baptisms every few months from what I understand. I think 12 is on the high end for them. They bring the kids up 4 at time to streamline the process.

    Hope everyone is doing well. See you soon, BW

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